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i. Interactive Notebook

ii. Cornell Notes

iii. Thesis Statement

iv. Essay Structure

v. FRQs and DBQs

1. Pre-Columbian America

2. Columbian Exchange

3. New Mexico

4. Chesapeake

5. New England

6. New York

7. Atlantic World

8. French and Indian War

9. Road to Concord


Semantic Features Map

World Map

Columbian Exchange Mapping: Diseases-Red; Old World Animals-blue; Plants from North and Central America-Green; South American Plants-color of your choice; Old World Plants-color of your choice, Silver-Grey (Potosi to Spain and Potosi to Manilla to China); Be specific in your labels of plants and animals

Atlantic World Mapping: Triangular Trade with African Diaspora-Red; Enlightenment-Blue; 1st Great Awakening-Green; Feitorias-Shade their locations with the color of your choice; Plantations-Shade their locations with the color of your choice

Score Sheet for Debates

Sample Debate-Score Sheet

Columbus Debate

Flow Map

Pope’s Rebellion Prompt

Salutary Neglect Prompt

Mayflower Compact

John Winthrop

Great Awakening

Sinners in th Hands of an Angry God

Summary Pyramid

Revolution to Conserve


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